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WWF for a living planet

World Wide Fund for nature was established in 1961. Today WWF operates in more than 100 countries, funds around 2000 conservation projects globally and employs almost 4000 people across the planet.

The organisation is mainly financed by donors and sponsors and with its 5 million members, it is the largest non-profit making nature conservation fund in the world.

WWF Mission statement

To stop the degradation of the planet´s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by:

Read more at www.wwf.org and www.panda.org

SOS Children´s Villages

KASK has been a sponsor of the SOS Children´s Village of Dassa-Zoumé in Benin, since 2006. Our payments to SOS Children´s Villages will help cover costs of maintenance of the facilities in Benin and give the children a more healthy and joyful home environment.

Benin is located in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea. The population is 6,4 million and one of the poorest African countries. As a result of the extreme poverty and the particularly serious problem of abandoned children. SOS Children´s Villages took action in Benin in 1982. The village in Dassa-Zoumé is the third village to be built in Benin and it was completed in 2005.

Children are taken into a SOS Children´s Village if it is likely that they will not be able to return to their biological families. At the moment, 94 children live in SOS Childrens´s Village of Dassa-Zoumé and all of them- but 4 that are too young-attend school.

SOS Children´s Villages has been acting for children´s rights and needs since 1949.\nTheir mission statement is:

  • We build families for children in need
  • We help them shape their own futures
  • We share in the development of their communities
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Read more at www.sos-childrensvillages.org

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