Carl Peder Engeset

Achievements/ movies / comp results / other proud moments:
1st Hemsedal JR Freeride 2013
1st Norwegian JR National Champinships 2013
2nd Hemsedal JR Freeride 2014
Sick-bird award Norwegian JR National Championships 2014

Favorite areas or descents:
- Hemsedal!

Describe your skiing background
- I have been skiing since I was very little, doing ski racing for a while and then doing freestyle for a short period of time, and now I am fully into freeriding!

What was your big breakthrough or defining moment in skiing?
- I don’t really know, maybe when I won my first freeride competition!

Describe a skiing experience when things got out of hand:
- It got a little sketchy when a friend and I were skiing home in a quite steep place when it got a bit darker than we thought it would be, and it also started snowing so we couldn’t see anything at all! But nothing really happened other than that we got a bit scared.

What are you up to when you’re not skiing?
- Training, hanging out with friends, going to school!

Any training advice or suggestions?
- Do some Kask Rask training!

Who or what inspires you?
- Candide Thovex and Reine Barkered! They are able to ski so fast and go really big and yet making it look so fluently and smooth! Like fighter jets!

How do you see skiing evolving in the next five years?
- People skiing controlled and smooth!

Do you have any vices that you would like to share?
- I am not that good at cleaning my room!

What are your future plans or goals in skiing?
- I hope to be able to ski a lot and to get to ski a lot of contests both at home and internationally, and to become a fast, fluent skier!  

Carl Peder Engeset's favorite kask setup.

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