February 17, 2017

WWF Save our Wolves

Wolves make nature a bit wilder.

Norway, the land of deep forests and high mountains, has only a handful of wolves roaming free. Yet the critically endangered population of as few as 68 wolves lives a dangerous life in Norwegian nature. The wolf was almost exterminated from Norway over the past 100 years, their place in our lives remain strong. You will find them in our fairy tales or in popular songs, and a cuddly version is in many a child’s room. But the real proof of the emotions the wolf awakens can be found in the ongoing debate: how many wolves should be allowed to live in Norway? Whether in social media, in the comment section in newspaper articles or on TV, this canine carnivore is a hot topic.
WWF works to ensure that we save this critically endangered species in Norway. The wolf belongs in our nature: it makes our nature a little bit wilder and our lives a little bit richer.
Kask supports WWF’s efforts to save the wolf. When you buy our wolf beanie, you contribute as well. Thank you for saving the wolf and supporting WWF!

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February 8, 2017

Now it's time to Live a little!

It's now the time of the year when we Live a little!, here after an epic hike togehter with ski photographer legend Christoffer Sjöström, in Serre Chevalier last week.

3 2 1 Drop in.
Looking down a hidden colouir somewhere. Adrenaline is pumping, can I trust my gear...? To get out of the comfort zone once in a while keeps us being sharp, developing our skills, be better decision makers and gives a richer meaning to life.

This is what we call LIVE A LITTLE!

Sverre Liliequist wearing the Rider socks this stormy day to stay nice and comfortable all day long.

Photo: Sverre Liliequist

Rider Forest sock

Rider super hot. This is a long time favourite, Kaj & Sverre has won several big competitions in these socks, they are super durable, great fit, and a little bit thicker to make your feets last on a long day in the mountains. The merino wool keeps the foot perfectly warm & comfortable without clamminess and stinky smell. One of the most environmental friendly socks in the world made in Sweden. Bluesign merino wool.


349 Sek

Sun is breaking thru, powder is there for you.

Photo: Christoffer Sjöström Rider: Sverre Liliequist Location: Abriès

Spare Lenses

Why not go for a  contrast lens for gray or snowy days.

299 SEK

Goggles spare lenses

Spare lenses

Narrow, steep and crispy. Maybe we were the first people down this chute. Maybe not. It does'nt matter, it made our day anyway.

Photo: Sverre Liliequist
Rider: David Kantermo
Location: Montgenèvre

Sverre laying down some nice turns in front of the camera. Life is good!

Photo: Christoffer Sjöström

Rider: Sverre Liliequist

Location: Serre Chevalier


To get to know what products to produce, we are always testing and trying out the next years products. To be on our toes, to always thrive to improve.

To find colors that gives us the Positive Energy Design boost.

Here Sverre in the 2017/2018 version of the Mask 4 goggles.

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